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Server Rules
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The rules apply per account, not per person (on said account). When accessing the server (and site) you are committing yourself to following these rules and if you fail to follow these rules you risk your account being suspended or banned.

We will inform players when major changes are made to the rules.

i. Advertising
You may not discuss, mention by name, or send IP addresses to other servers in any chat channel.  You are not permitted to make money from Cloudsquid services nor use them for your own personal gain, in doing so, you will be permanently banned from our services.

ii. Cheating
You are not allowed to use any sort of cheat or exploit to gain an advantage over other players. Auto-fishing mods are not allowed. AFK or duplication machines are not allowed. Knowing & using but not reporting exploits to staff members can lead to your account being sanctioned.

iii. Griefing (and Stealing)
Destroying other players blocks without their permission is against the rules. Giving a player permissions to your plot or town is indirectly giving that player permission to break your plots (this includes setting towns and plots to public). You should not destroy or remove a player’s blocks or items if they are in a chest, unless you have permission to do so. However, any items that are dropped by a player are no longer their own and are free for anyone to take.

iv.  Hacking
Modifications to your client that give you a substantial advantage over players are not allowed, for example X-Ray modifications. The only modifications that are allowed are Optifine and those that are similar, in that, it does not give you a distinct advantage over other players. Minimap mods are permissible if and only if they have no other features, for example mob trackers and cave finders.

v. Swearing
You may not swear in any channel including private messaging channels such as /tell. We have language filters to block any words that are profane; bypassing or attempting to bypass this filter will lead to sanctions against your account. Any chat should be appropriate for people of all ages and in the global channel all chat should be in English only.

vi. Trolling
Trolling and annoying players is not allowed. Deliberately provoking players to break the rules by, for example arguing or name-calling will lead to your account being sanctioned. Ruining gameplay can be classed as trolling, and similarly, flaming (on the forum or otherwise) is included in this definition.

vii. Spamming
Unnecessary messages that have no other purpose than to annoy players are classed as Spam. Spam can include song lyrics, random formations of letters, repetition of letters or words and so forth. If you are to send pictures or video (that are within the boundaries of the rules) you should do so in a private chat channel.

viii. Respect
You should be respectful to all players and staff members. If players are disrespectful towards yourself or others, you should report this to a staff member and avoid being disrespectful back. Any hate speech, harassment, bullying or incitements to violence will be dealt with very harshly and you can expect your server access to be revoked permanently if you engage in this behaviour.

For your own safety you should be very careful when you release personal information about yourself; we ask you not to exchange Skype usernames or emails with eachother on the server.
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Re: Server Rules
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Server rules updated 24th February 2015.

-Rules shortened and thus made easier to read and understand.