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Unexpected Site Downtime
« on: 4 Jun 2019, 20:25:15 »
Some of you may have noticed that over the last few days access to this site has been limited due to site server issues. I apologise to anyone who was unable to access the site over the weekend; things should hopefully be back to normal now.

These problems began a few days ago and continued over the weekend; they were caused by issues with the datacentre that our website hosting provider uses, and their team worked to resolve them as soon as possible. The site was simply not being displayed correctly due to network issues they were experiencing. At the time the problem was completely out of my control unfortunately.

Moving forward I will look into mitigation to try and prevent such a long period of downtime happening again, including potentially adjusting the hosting solution for the site.

Once again I'm sorry for the downtime; but things should be back now! If you notice any further problems with this you're welcome to email me at [email protected].