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Annual Town Battle!
« on: 13 Aug 2013, 21:21:07 »
So i got an idea where each town picks a player to fight in a arena and the people online get to watch them battle the winning town gets a prize of I'm thinking 100k from each town tipping in to that 100k. It'll be fun and everyone gets a chance to battle. 1 time each month after 6-12 months the town that won the most goes into a battle with the second town that won the most this will be a great opportunity for some thrilling action in the server if you like my idea tell me your compliments and what should be added if this happens. But of course they keep their stuff :)   


Re: Annual Town Battle!
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I believe around April Fools 2012 Esp1222 hosted a Hunger Games that was much like this. I would gladly host or help host something like this with Noobscraft when V6 comes out. Since I'm guessing there will be 2 or 3 main Nations, hopefully 4 as to make the championship game more interesting, there could be qualifiers within the Towns, then a First Round within the Nation the Towns belong to. As a rule, all participating Nations must have NO LESS THAN 4 TOWNS within them. As another rule, towns would have to have AT LEAST 20 members in them to qualify. The tournament could be called "The Noobscraft Town Battle Tourney". Each town should 1 or 2 arenas in them, unique from other towns and both would have to be different "themes". Like woods, mountains, deserts (maybe not a good idea too flat), a volcano (naturally spawning of course, or the admins could help with the building of it), an underground cave system, a secret laboratory, a giant mansion, etc. As a twist, if the winner of the First Round's (within a Nation) partner was killed in the games, the dead person is brought back to make there be 2 people per Nation. The losing towns would have to pay the victors' town 5k Noobz each. Then the Town Mayor would give the victors of his town a minimum of 1k each. There could also be a second place game to have 2 more players from a DIFFERENT Town Within the Nation go on to the Final Round. Then we would go into the Final Round, between Nation Champions. The winners of the Final Round have the other Nations pay the victors' nation 20k each (the tax split among each of the town OR have the Nation Capital pay it all off themselves (AKA the person who created the Nation's town)). Then the winning town could have a big party or something and they'd announce the location of the next Noobscraft Battle Tourney town location for their Nation and then pick the Final Round's location. To make things from being a huge blowout, the winning town from each Nation of that month would not take place in the next month's tournament.

So, my conclusion is that this looks like a great idea. We could start an official "Noobscraft Battle Tourney" thread after V6 is about a month or two old and then get towns started with the building of the arenas and selecting their fighters.
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Re: Annual Town Battle!
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Instead 1 person takes the grand prize and the rest of the tributes get a prize to of 10,000 noobz good for the economy more store plot to be bought and house and a growth of players.


Re: Annual Town Battle!
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Here is a 1st draft of rules that I am proposing:

1. For each Nation to qualify, it must have at least 4 eligible Towns in it (see rule 2 for town eligibility rules).

2. For each Town to qualify, it must have 20 members or more in it and be part of a Nation.

3. Each town will have a qualifier in one of their own arenas, and the last 2 players standing are the tributes of the National Round. During the National Round, each town sends their 2 players to the hosting town of that Nation. They should work as a team until there are only the two of them are left, then one kill the other, because the winner of that round brings their partner (other town member) to the International Round. The winners of the National Rounds face each other in every man for himself (don't work with your town counterpart in this one).

4. The winner of the International Round has ALL of the other towns who competed (this means in the National Round as well) pay 1000 Noobz each to the winning town, 10% of all winnings that the town gets goes to the person who won the International Round.

5. The town who won their National division the month (or maybe we should do a week or 2 weeks per game) before will host the National Round that games, and their town will be ineligible to compete during that games. The town that won the International Round will host that games' International Round in their city and will also be ineligible to compete.

6. Each eligible Town should have 2 uniquely themed arenas, each 8 chunks by 8 chunks and surrounded by a wall or dome of glass.

7. Gamemakers (the designers of the arenas) will be ineligible to compete in any town they helped design the arena or arenas, due to the fact they know the arena which gives them an unfair advantage over other players.

8. The people from your town who went to the International Round are ineligible to compete for 2 games after their town won the National Round so they aren't the only people who get into the National Round. (Remember, during the Games right after the town wins their National Round, they host the National Round, so none of the town members are eligible. The people who made it to the International Round are ineligible ONE ROUND AFTER their Town has hosted the Games.)

9. Every 6 months, the people who won the International round AT LEAST 1 time during the 6 month period will all go to a random arena picked out by an Admin or Moderator and have a battle to see who is the Elite Champion of the Games for that half year. He/she will get their name and the Town + Nation they are in put on a sign in the Noob Games' Hall of Fame (we could have a town that has this in it for winners of each International Round and Elite Championship).

Hope you liked it! PS, for the first Games maybe Noobstown could host the Games with some arenas, 1 for each Nation, and one for the International Round. And also maybe the Hall of Fame would be another building in Spawn?