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Everything is being solved.  :)
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Re: Celestia ~ Taking on a New Mayor ~ Read Post!
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Just to let you know you're not allowed to sell the mayor title(or any other rank) in your town; you're allowed to give it to someone else for free (as long as they agree to the town application rules), but cannot receive anything for doing so.

Also you cannot guarantee yourself a permanent position as co-mayor, the mayor in your town has overall control and is allowed to add/remove staff as they wish (as long as they're not selling ranks), if you make someone mayor they will have more control than you and could therefore remove your rank if they wanted to.

If you're unable to find a new mayor please contact me and I'll look into options for you.


Re: Celestia ~ Taking on a New Mayor ~ Read Post!
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IGN: llamalover224466
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Experience: I have been the leader of parties on Mineapoc and have many leadership roles in real life. I have also played the cloudsquid servers for over 2 years and think myself to be an active part of its community.
Why Should I Pick You??: You should pick me because I have since I joined Noobstown have always wanted to be a Mayor without the funds to do so. I am an active part of my current town Ethereal but would like to take the next step to becoming a bigger part of a town.