Ethereal's Renaissance  (Read 503 times)

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Ethereal's Renaissance
« on: 27 Jul 2017, 01:28:36 »
Have you been to Ethereal lately? Lots has changed! I highly recommend our new skeleton spawner, found in the Chapel of Bones on the west side, and nearby the Whispering Oaks Cemetery, with a secret lab downstairs where the zombies wait to be experimented on!

The barns now include horse stables for your amusement, and a chicken coop, with spawner! All the eggs and feathers and chicken you could want. Organic and free range, of course!

Perhaps fighting is more your style. Check out our Archery and Front Wall, found on the south east corner. Grab some tasty cheap eats at our mess hall there, repair your armor at the blacksmith, bunk down for the night at the barracks. Earn some taming points by taming a wolf at the wolf spawner, and cull back those zombies and spiders and skeletons. Be careful though, the hordes can get surly and overrun you if you aren't careful. Beat those minions back! A beacon has your back, with some health and speed to help you survive. A command center offers some tips with a small library of help, and a map upstairs. We hear there might be cake!

When you tire of that, you can walk around a bit and see some of the different new and interesting features. A windmill that houses the last known pike of Don Quixote, and a strange chest that beckons you. A fountain park, where you can walk in circles while you meditate. A secret pirate cave, with lost objects. The Frozen Banana treat shop at the boardwalk. A fishing area where you can feel safe while you fish. We have a shopping district which offers all the basic amenities and then some! Maybe you're looking for a nice house, but don't quite want to build something- check out The Grotto and contact staff if you're interested in a place!

We continue to build new things every fortnight or so. Coming soon, spider caves with spawners, a house with a cellar crawling with spiders; a fresh PVP arena never seen before, complete with towers and nooks and crannies- multiple versions of games will be offered; The Grove, a residential area with cottages in the woods, with gardens and small farms, cheaper than the Grotto, but still beautiful; Rogue Gallery, a casino to try your luck winning different prizes; and an ice cream truck, what treats will we offer?

You can visit us at /town spawn Ethereal! We can't wait to see you!