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Updated Staff application for Windermere
« on: 1 Jun 2015, 02:15:33 »
Windermere Staff Application

This thread will be solely for players interested in becoming staff of the up and coming town, Windermere. All and any town applications must be made in this post, not in a message to me or made in-game. Below you will find a form to fill out simply in a comment. If the application is not submitted in the way the form has been written out, it will not be considered.

Criteria for staff is as follows. Staff positions will be limited and given to those players who we feel is best for the job and will dedicate time and effort into the town and seeing that the town is in it's best shape possible. Prior experience is not needed but is preferred. If we feel you are suited for the job, I will personally contact you either in game or through a mail in game.

Staff Positions available:
Town Assistants: The main role of our assistants will be to help our residents around the town. You could consider yourself a moderator, enforcing the rules, helping people who don't know the towny plugin as much as you, and fixing problems that arise in Windermere. If you feel you can fit the bill, feel free to apply. (Remember to put your past towny experience in the past experience, so we can get a better idea of how well you know this complex plugin).
Sub-mayors: sub-mayors work closely alongside the mayor and co-mayors. In order to be considered for this position, I personally must feel you're right for the position and can be trusted. Sub-mayors will help with the building, getting materials, help brainstorm ideas for the town, help players, organize plots, storage, etc. If you have any former towny experience this will definitely improve your chances.

Code: [Select]
How often are you on the server:
Past Experience:
Why do you want to be staff for Windermere:
How long have you been on Noobscraft:

The application is explained as follows:
IGN: What is your in-game name?
Age: how old are you?
Location: Where are you in the world?
How Often are you on the server: Are you on for a few hours a day? Are you on all the time? Are you on for a few minutes? Etc.
Past Experience: Do you have any past experience dealing/running a town? Any past experience as a server admin? This can also include job or school responsibilities. Have you ever been a leader?
Why do you want to be staff of Windermere: Why are you applying for a position? Why should we choose you?
How long have you been on Noobscraft: How long have you been on the server? Both in previous versions and current version.
Other: any other additional information you'd like to leave.

We look forward to reading your applications and look forward to the progress that can be made on our wonderful town.

-The current staff of Windermere


Re: Updated Staff application for Windermere
« Reply #1 on: 5 Nov 2015, 08:57:40 »
IGN: voldeynoob
Age: 26
How often are you on the server:i play a often as i can mostly when i have a big job to do i have no jobs at the mo
i can play 6hours a day some times and when ever there is an even on i try to get involved work permitting i work 4day on 4 off so sometimes im at work for the weekend events
Past Experience:mayor of nova in v5 and alt account is mayor of tortuga currently
Why do you want to be staff for Windermere:to help out with building and decorating rooms i have seen some plain rooms around town that need a little love and would like to help
How long have you been on Noobscraft:i have been playing since july 2012