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16 Sep 2014, 03:10:10 by Fatnoob
Views: 323 | Replies: 9

Hey all,

In light of recent events, we have decided that we will be merging both of our servers onto one machine in the coming weeks/months. This is to both save resources and cut down on costs. The future of Minecraft is very unpredictable at the moment, wasting resources and adding extra costs to running the servers will not benefit the players who enjoy our servers long term.

What will this mean?

From a ...
11 Sep 2014, 02:18:59 by Fatnoob
Views: 196 | Replies: 4

Hey all,

We're currency experiencing a number of network issues at the moment and as a result connections to the server may be limited/drop in and out. We're working on a solution to fixing the issue right now and better stabilizing the overall network problem we've been experiencing these past few months. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

3 Sep 2014, 17:29:41 by Fatnoob
Views: 682 | Replies: 12

Hello all,

Starting this month we're introducing our new monthly competition "Chunk of the Month". Each month you will be given the opportunity to submit your Chunk to be reviewed in our contest, we're looking for the most creative, interesting and well-designed chunky homes. Think you've got what it takes? Enter now!


- Exclusive Chunk Of The Month Winner Trophy
- 100,000 Nbz
- Chunk show cased o...
3 Sep 2014, 15:47:01 by Fatnoob
Views: 234 | Replies: 0

Hey all,

We've successfully updated to a protocol version of 1.8 (Meaning we are now able to allow 1.8 client to connect to Noobstown). 1.8 features and information will come when the full version is available, until then enjoy all of the client-side features 1.8 brings (New skins etc.) *You can still connect with a 1.7 client*

More information regarding 1.8 features and Noobstown related updates will be posted later this mo...
31 Aug 2014, 22:17:07 by ItsLawrence
Views: 345 | Replies: 4

UPDATE: We have now successfully transferred away from our old host to a new one! If you're seeing this message then you're viewing the site in its new location! Sorry for the downtime! More information...

As explained a few days ago we've decided it is time to transfer our site to a new machine and company. This change will hopefu...
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