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17 Jul 2014, 16:01:40 by Waterworth
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I wanted to inform everyone that the Noobscraft Rules have been updated, the new rules can be found here: http://www.noobscraft.com/server/server-rules-12420/msg44662/#msg44662

If you have any q
8 Jul 2014, 15:00:54 by Fatnoob
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Hey all,

Maintenance complete, here are the following changes in this version:

- Reduced Horse spawns around the world
- Increase the inactive town resident limit from 60 Days to 365 Days and removed the economy data deletion on residents. Login once per year to stop yourself from being removed from towns, high ranks or any such data connected to Towny.
- Fixed certain Towny perms being broken: Selling of land etc....
3 Jul 2014, 23:11:28 by Duelcon
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Greetings everyone!

I hope that the past week has treated you well!  It seems that all those fish you caught for me last week were used in a banquette for some hungry ocelots.  My stores have completely ran out and I need more!  As per the norm, there are a few rules that need to be stated so that everyone has a fair shot at assisting me!

1) No building or destroying in the fishing area.
2) No items other than fishing r...
27 Jun 2014, 00:28:44 by Duelcon
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Happy Summer to all Noobscraft!

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful time in the sun, and we're going to add to that with a string of events and competitions to keep everyone active!  Come join us and meet your fellow server players while earning prizes and enjoying the world that Noobscraft has to offer you.  Grab a fishing pole and some steak on Sunday, June 29th at the time listed below for a fishing extravaganza!  As for all...
22 Jun 2014, 18:01:27 by Fatnoob
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As most of you will be aware there has been a lot of talk lately about servers and the EULA. Here is a brief introduction to what has been going on for the past 4 years:

When Minecraft first released multiplayer, servers such as ours begun to spring up mostly with the goal of proving a platform for minecrafters alike to come and play together, with no intentions of turning into a business type infrastructure. F...
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