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30 Jul 2014, 21:25:43 by Duelcon
Views: 206 | Replies: 10

What's more fun than watching a bunch of noobs fall from the sky?  Competing in a competition that has noobs falling from the sky for awesome prizes!  This weekend we're having the grand opening of Duelcon and DACK Enterprises' Ultimate Parkour Challenge!  There will be death, There will be Prizes!  But most of all, there will be fun!  Even if you aren't a parkour master, everyone who completes the challenge within the time limit will receive a p...
26 Jul 2014, 00:00:47 by Duelcon
Views: 270 | Replies: 10

Hello Noobscraftians!

It is my pleasure to announce another fishing tournament in a brand new location!  This Sunday's competition will be held in the icy town of NetherFrost!  A big thank you to globug and daniel for building a tournament area.  The general rules are listed below:

1) No building or destroying in the fishing area.
2) No items other than fishing rods and food (rods may be enchanted with any enchantment!)...
17 Jul 2014, 16:01:40 by Waterworth
Views: 358 | Replies: 9



I wanted to inform everyone that the Noobscraft Rules have been updated, the new rules can be found here: http://www.noobscraft.com/server/server-rules-12420/msg44662/#msg44662

If you have any q
8 Jul 2014, 15:00:54 by Fatnoob
Views: 403 | Replies: 7

Hey all,

Maintenance complete, here are the following changes in this version:

- Reduced Horse spawns around the world
- Increase the inactive town resident limit from 60 Days to 365 Days and removed the economy data deletion on residents. Login once per year to stop yourself from being removed from towns, high ranks or any such data connected to Towny.
- Fixed certain Towny perms being broken: Selling of land etc....
3 Jul 2014, 23:11:28 by Duelcon
Views: 571 | Replies: 14

Greetings everyone!

I hope that the past week has treated you well!  It seems that all those fish you caught for me last week were used in a banquette for some hungry ocelots.  My stores have completely ran out and I need more!  As per the norm, there are a few rules that need to be stated so that everyone has a fair shot at assisting me!

1) No building or destroying in the fishing area.
2) No items other than fishing r...
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