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Support / Re: Cant load worlds or build terrain
« on: 22 Apr 2017, 20:46:03 »
I appreciate the help, but all of that is up to date so it must be something else.

Support / Cant load worlds or build terrain
« on: 20 Apr 2017, 00:53:02 »
I've been gone for a very long time from Minecraft and recently, I've been interested in playing again. However, my game won't load. It freezes when building terrain in single player or loading a world in multiplayer. Java is updated, that's the only thing I could think to do. I cannot find my logs folder for Minecraft, it's just not there(?). I've reinstalled it and nothing. Any ideas?

Pictures / Re: What do you look like irl?
« on: 10 Jun 2016, 04:40:36 »
Me and my friend Shae at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, if it'll load that is.

Noobstown General / Crashed
« on: 9 Jun 2016, 19:53:44 »
The server is currently down and there is only 1 person to blame.. Darkkalina13 and her epic dance moves  :O She was busting a move and then we crashed. Coincidence? I think not!

Support / Re: Mineapoc Information thread
« on: 29 May 2016, 00:51:01 »
Hey all,

This thread will serve as a information hub for anything related to the Minecraft Apocalypse server and the new system moving onto Noobstown 'Dungeons'

- Information thus far:

VIP's of Mineapoc will be made VIP's on Noobstown - If already VIP on Noobstown upgraded to VIP+

Visit here to see if you're eligible for your upgrade:

Data will not be transferred (Money, skills, items etc.) the system we're creating will be entirely new and standalone to the server Noobstown, but act as a gamemode to switch and play between the two. Yes, you will be able to transfer rewards to Noobstown and vise versa to Dungeons.

Dungeons will run on a kit based system to upgrade gear, no inventory management as such.

Dungeons will be in heavy development after our update to NoobsTowny has launched (Which has been the focus of our server development for a while). We're prioritizing the important aspects of our global community, which means that Dungeons will come later, we understand this is frustrating for those who enjoyed Mineapoc but we're doing everything within our power to please and maintain the servers, so hang tight.

Why is Mineapoc closed?

The server was shut off as of last week to move resources/clear storage for Noobstown, as the active user base of Mineapoc had dropped and people were not actively using the server.

Will I receive any sort of benefit in Dungeons for the time/dedication I spent on Mineapoc?

Yes, there will be a reward based system for those who were on the top money list and mcmmo list. There will also be a range of rewards for returning players in general on launch.

Estimated time frame? We can't give specifics on dates, we're just working through our development list - If you care about our community and want to be an active part, I suggest you get involved with Noobstown and be around when discussion for Dungeons comes around to have your say and aid our idea development for the program.

I will respond to Mineapoc questions on this thread only, so if you have any questions - Please post them below.

I've been away for a long time for the forums but I wanted to ask, what defines returning players? People like me who played consistently until the server was shut off, or people who logged on when Noobstown was being updated? I'm in no way trying to be rude, I'm just curious as to how that is defined/if the benefits differ player to player.

Other / Absense
« on: 22 Feb 2016, 00:12:24 »
Hey guys, just wanted to give a brief update as to where I've been and where I'll be. As many of you know I have had a concussion for quite a few months, and with the recovery process grinding to a halt the doctors at UPMC have decided to prescribe me Amantadine, which is a medicine commonly used to treat Parkinsons disease. This medicine has proven to work but it mentally drains me when it wears off. I've been on that for a couple weeks now and I'm finally getting adjusted to it, so hopefully I will be back to Noobstown in the capacity that I was in the past.

Server Announcements / Re: Mineapoc > Noobstown VIP
« on: 21 Feb 2016, 20:52:26 »
Very happy with this. Process was very well implemented!

Noobstown General / Re: Chunks Dug
« on: 28 Jan 2016, 14:01:55 »
Id be glad to help. I don't really care if I get paid or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Noobstown General / A PVP arena!
« on: 23 Dec 2015, 19:33:28 »
I have a lot of cleared, flat land. While asking WoodlandWhimsy about what I should build she suggested a pvp arena! I couldn't agree more. I will be taking suggestions from all players and trying to incorporate them. I think the arena will be 2 chunks by 2 chunks. Post your suggestions below!

Noobstown General / Re: Secret Santa?
« on: 11 Dec 2015, 00:44:25 »
 Im game!

Support / Re: Server Merge?
« on: 5 Dec 2015, 02:31:22 »
No. There will be rewards for people who achieve high mcmmo/money on the current Apoc as stated on the news page.

There will be no economy coming from Mineapoc to Noobstown. The new Mineapoc works on a unlock/perk based system, rather than an economy/trading armour etc. it'll be completely different therefore items/money are kinda pointless.

How high of skill/money are we talking? Its near impossible to actually get things done anymore with the server being in the state its in, no offense. Not to drive a point home but the top players are basically /mctop in everything, and most have quit Minecraft all together as far as I'm aware. I mean I have like 2.2 Million there and I'm 75th ranked on the server for /mcstats. So does that not mean anything for the new system? Nothing will come over? You also said that exchanges would be coming soon to Apoc and I was wondering if there actually were. Hated to bump an old thread but I had questions.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 28 Nov 2015, 17:42:02 »
Yea you are a little late :P And yes while that's how you feel, others do not. I'm not alone, and I know that you aren't either. It's all based on how one feels not fact. And you'd still have your choice as to whether they would spawn. It wouldn't be a complete cut off.
Sorry for the lack of response previously I've been waiting to hear what others had to say about this.

It is something we considered introducing when we first brought out the wilderness system over a year ago, and have again reconsidered several times over almost the last two years.

As a team however we've decided (as some have suggested already) that it won't be introduced currently for some of the following reasons:
  • (As some have suggested already) The likely knock-on effect of using towns it's one of the major perks for actually being part of a town. By making it a feature that is only available in towns we're encouraging the use of towns if that's a feature you want.
  • The fact that the danger is so minimal if you light up the area or build a wall. (And with the free wilderness land now you can easily expand around to ensure that you're lighting up past the area you actually want to build in too.)
  • The fact that mobs can already be disabled in the town world is limiting our survival Minecraft role slightly anyway and if this were to be expanded to the wilderness there would hardly ever be any danger, even slight (which is one of the features of the game).
  • The fact it's much easier in wilderness land you own to build a structure which can keep you safe than it is in the towns (even that you are part of) where hopefully most structures are protected from normal residents.

I do want to thank you for actually putting forward the idea publicly though and all of the comments that were received, it has been noted that a number of people wanted this. We did discuss it as a staff group recently and decided against the idea at this time though, for the reasons above. It is something we might consider again the future but it would have to be an expensive perk if ever introduced to still ensure that the benefit to towns existed.

I also just had an idea. What if instead of an on/off option, there was something similar. Mobs could be disabled for say 2 hours a week on connected chunks. That way, a player can get a build up and started without fear of getting poisoned by witches while simultaneously getting pelted by arrows. It could function like a /kit in the sense that it would have a timer. I get that that would take programming but it seems like maybe a compromise.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 28 Nov 2015, 13:50:13 »
Thanks for the reply. I'll go along with whatever the staff decides. Though I would like to say that the lighting can be weird, as a 4th ceiling in my house is lot with glowstone but I still regularly have mobs coming in, and short of replacing my floor with it aswell, I really can't see a fix that would be practical and appealing to the eye. I've tried the Glowstone/sea lantern under glass on the floor but again, it would have to be the entire floor. And it can be a danger. I've had hoards of 6 or 7 skeletons swarm me just because I want to use my furnaces. Anyways, thanks for the response.

New? / Re: Hi all!
« on: 28 Nov 2015, 13:45:03 »
Good to see you on Minecraft again Cooper.

Other / Re: What would you do if...? a random forum game
« on: 25 Nov 2015, 01:48:42 »
What would you do if tomorrow you lost your memory and had to start all over as a Pokemon with only a Nuzleaf to help you AAAAAAAAAAAAND then you find out he's a bad guy

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 24 Nov 2015, 21:27:46 »

Other / Re: When is Your Birthday?
« on: 23 Nov 2015, 22:51:56 »
December 13

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 19 Nov 2015, 20:59:52 »
Since wild chunks were added (previous versions of noobstown didn't have them) the amount of people actively using towns went down. Which makes sense, since living in a town doesn't have many advantages anymore over living in the wild. One of the few advantages left is having no mobs in towns. The server has many nice, but rather empty towns, which in my opinion is a bummer. If we just take all advantages of town plots and add them to wild chunks then pretty soon we might as well get rid of towns.
While it's true that some towns have a low population and yes they look incredible, the services they provide (farms, dark rooms, shops) are indispensable and could never be replaced by the wild due to the simplicity and fluidity of how they work in towns. Towns can never be phased out because they provide needs for everyone in a controlled, safe, friendly, and quite frankly beautiful environment. The people I regularly play wht usually have to make several trips into several different towns to get the items we desire, and we keep going back for more. A towns emptiness doesn't always correlate with how busy it can be, though I do agree that some towns are more or less dead.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 18 Nov 2015, 01:04:16 »
I feel that this only would make towns even more underutilized then they already are at the moment.
Care to elaborate? I like constructive criticism but I don't quite see what you mean.

Suggestions & Ideas / Disable Mob Spawning on Chunks
« on: 17 Nov 2015, 03:14:38 »
This is something that's already been posted atleast once that I know of but that didn't get much attention. Its a big feature in towny and some people own so many chunks that mob management takes so long that either nothing gets done or they spawn back whilst you're killing them. I feel it would allow players to focus more on building and different projects rather than placing copious amounts of light just to deal with hostile mobs in every nook and cranny. :3 Thanks!

Support / Mineapoc Transfer
« on: 13 Nov 2015, 00:06:36 »
I was curious as to how the transfer would go over? The Mineapoc site said to come here with any questions so.. here I am. I know the info on that site said only people on top 10 for skills/money, but is that strictly going to be only those people? A lot of them just don't play Minecraft anymore. And for that matter what does that mean about /money? Lastly, I have VIP on both servers, so would my account be upgraded to +VIP? Just curious. Thanks!

Edit: I read through another post similar to this looking for answers and didn't really see anything that seemed like a concrete answer, though I am aware of that posts existence and significance as it did answer some questions.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Leveling Up Skills
« on: 12 Mar 2014, 23:46:49 »
Could be a thing were every time you level us a skill you get a token or gem maybe?

Server Announcements / Re: 3rd Birthday Bash!
« on: 10 Mar 2014, 00:02:44 »
This is gonna be a riot!  :D

Support / Refund due to misunderstanding.
« on: 2 Mar 2014, 18:58:29 »
Gonna make this short and simple. I would like a refund for my own stupidity. I had 20,000 nbz and wanted veteran. I was told I needed v6 tokens and mistook that as gems. I know have 20k worth of gems that I don't want since they are unusable atm. I would like for an admin or mod to take them and replace them with my 20k. I spent days getting that money and I find it quite unfair. Thanks!

Other / Re: I have un-earthed....
« on: 26 Feb 2014, 23:45:02 »
I bought I glowing stick from a vendor from a faraway land named 'Windforge'. It changed me. Everywhere I look all I see is insanity... AND CREEPERS! I have since thrown it to the bottom of the ocean. It stopped glowing and may have vanished.

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