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Support / help? please?
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 18:26:21 »
i hope this is the right place to put this -- i'm kinda stuck.

first, i know this isn't how i look -- i had an error with the skin option.  i'm not complaining about that.  i'll fix this in a bit.

THE PROBLEM IS:  i was buying more land on my island, and where i was standing turned out to be a bad place to stand.  i'm stuck in a block, i think.  it keeps kicking me for flying, but all i'm doing is trying to jump, or walk, or even just move.  i tried to turn around so i could break the block i'm trapped in, but i got kicked for flying as i tried to turn.

help?  please?

New? / ' morning...
« on: 30 May 2018, 02:43:41 »
hullo, this is katholly (pronounced KATH-uh-lee).
i'm female, and -almost- elderly, but i'm told that we're all still noobz from time to time.  i'm still learning to build, and it shows, maybe most in my interiors.  i'd love to show y'all my other builds from my solo worlds -- some of them are really cool.  i like the towny idea, but there are more options available when you're not limited to a single location for your builds. 

y'all may have noticed that i tend not to talk.  yeah, i guess i'm a little shy -- i try very hard to be tolerant and friendly but i don't always succeed.  i don't always know what to say, either,  so i just don't say anything.  i think that works better for me.  i'm sure i'll see you all around, sooner or later.  :)

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