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Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 15:29:11 »
You don’t get taxed from buying anything, if that’s what you mean by if it’s one of the only shops that has what you need. The tax just comes out of the nbz transferred. Actually you don’t even get affected by the tax thing if you are buying, the price on the sign is how much you pay. I don’t see how the tax can affect you on buying stuff from a shop that has something you need and it’s the only one.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 08:32:00 »
(Sorry for the double post again, after writing first one I wanted to add something else)  Mrfloris how will they lose everything at first tax? The nbz isn’t taken from your balance but it’s taken during the transfer of the chestshop.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 08:29:48 »
There is already 5% tax. I would make the thing something mayors can toggle so not all towns will have town tax on top of the normal already set 5% tax.
If you don’t like mayors who set an extra tax upon just don’t have a shop in that town.
And for the already set 5% although the money goes nowhere it helps remove some from the economy.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 01:33:55 »
There is a 5% sales tax (charged to the seller) on shop signs, yes; the seller (be that the chest owner or the person selling to a shop) will receive 5% less than the sale value displayed on the sign. I can understand your suggestion in terms of wanting to make money, however the sales tax is one of only a small limited number of ways that money is actually able to leave the overall economy; something we somewhat want to allow for.

I can understand the idea that maybe Towns could add an additional sales tax on top of the 5%, so they could maybe set a custom additional tax which would then go to the Town. What do you think about that, is that something you might want or is that not in the spirit of what you were suggesting?

Yes maybe towns could be able to set tax on that 5% tax. So maybe town owners can make it 2% on the 5% and the 2% goes to their
town. Good idea ItsLawrence +1

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 28 Jul 2018, 01:31:32 »
you should get 95 nbz back if it's from the chestshop.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Locking threads?
« on: 25 Jul 2018, 10:22:38 »
I don't really seem why this needs to be a thing. In my opinion we don't really have any issue with any of this.

Competitions & Events / Re: 7 Years of Noobstown Celebration!
« on: 23 Jul 2018, 08:47:18 »
Will be back for this. I sense profit

Noobstown General / Re: Town Applications
« on: 5 Jul 2018, 07:14:03 »
This application is a joint one between Powerage_ and Ac3d (Ac3d will be set mayor until I sort out my other town plots)
1) Name of the town currently will be RockWood unless I decide on a different one
2) around the coordinates of 9630, 80, -830
3) Currently I have 13,512,655 nbz (huge budget)
4) I'd like to start a new town so I will have some freedom in what the city will be like e.g modern, medieval, western and so on. It's going to be a modern type town and currently there aren't really any ones around.
5) Rockwood will be different as I'm going to have a more skys****ers and a newish feel to it. It will also have a really good subway and a monorail type thing. Also I'm planning to build a casino (Started buidling on single player) and an apartment/hotel type building.
6) I should be able to play maybe an hour to 1.5 (Maybe 2, If I have nothing to do) hours a day. sometimes none at all, just depending on what's happening. Friday Nights I probably will be able to play 3 hours. All of the time spent on at the start will go towards just building the town.
7) My plan for RockWood is to have it looking like a modern day city. (As stated above) I'm going to have a casino, apartment/hotel and rail transport methods in the city. Also if you look near the coordinates, you will see that it's near a river. I plan to make it on one side of the river, it will be a residential area and on the other side will be a commercial area. The residential will have maybe some prebuilt houses and plots for players to build their own house (Within the theme of the town). On the other hand the commercial area will have the Casino, hotel and shops. I will make a bridge to connect the two areas together. If you want to know some plans about the Casino, just pm me because I want to keep some of it a secret until I open the casino up for business.
I know I have been very inactive recently, but I have made a return.

Suggestions & Ideas / Chest shop Tax V2
« on: 4 Jul 2018, 10:20:01 »
I made a topic about this before but that was a while ago. You can find it here, if interested:
Anyway, if I'm right there is a 5% tax on chest shops unless it was changed. I believe that instead of the money being taxed just disappearing, that maybe some of it could be given to the town the chest shop is in. This can help towns grow as they have another source of income besides donations. Anyway thanks for reading my suggestion and enjoy your day.

Other / Re: This or That? (Game)
« on: 30 Jun 2018, 11:57:30 »
Cottage in the mountains

10mil + a player leaving server you are mod on or no 10mil + a player not leaving the server you are mod on?

Other / Re: This or That? (Game)
« on: 4 Nov 2017, 04:43:14 »

Black Coffee or Cappuccino

Other / Re: This or That? (Game)
« on: 3 Nov 2017, 12:12:37 »

Math or English?

Market Place / Chunk Mining
« on: 29 Oct 2017, 12:06:27 »
If anyone needs some chunks to be mined just PM me on the forum or mail me in-game. Prices vary depending on how deep the chunk is e.g is the top of the chunk at usual y70 or is it on a mountain at y 160. Prices will also be negotiated so I can't give you an exact price right now.

Market Place / Re: CANDY PRICES
« on: 27 Oct 2017, 09:47:53 »
Not worth 10mil at all, That one is only up for 10mil because of other reasons. They aren't really worth that much but I say maybe 50k is the highest. not really worth that much as there is a list on how to get them

What can we expect at the party?
Usually it's a drop party and other events like spleef and cauldron chaos (best game ever)

Other / Re: Answer the question above (Game)
« on: 16 Oct 2017, 11:50:11 »
A: 3 hours
Q: How do you get caramel candy? (Probably will take a week until someone answers)

Competitions & Events / Re: Noobween 2017!
« on: 11 Oct 2017, 08:50:52 »
Jamestwice it's not hard to get across, just hold the space bar

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 10 Oct 2017, 15:52:59 »
I ban amanduhmiller for making me remember about this forum game

Suggestions & Ideas / CraftBook Elevators
« on: 4 Oct 2017, 08:44:55 »
Download the plugin for the server you can activate some plugins in craftbook that is the elevator. This lets you make simple elevators with signs. link for it:
I believe you can adjust what features to add so you can just put elevators on and keep everything off if you don't want it.

I believe I have found a plugin that may make it work. The plugin is called stargate you can find it on spigot here:

Suggestions & Ideas / Remove 5% Tax
« on: 3 Oct 2017, 03:39:54 »
Just remove the 5% tax, please. It doesn't help anyone, the consumer has to pay me more for something as the seller puts their prices up just so after the 5% tax they still make enough to have a profit compared to selling to /shop what has no taxes. Also if the seller has to put their prices up it starts getting hard to undercut other prices so the seller gets business.  The consumer has to pay more and the seller may lose customers that doesn't seem to help anyone in my eyes. I know it's to get nbz out of the economy but I'm sure you can find better ways to remove nbz out of the economy instead of making it hard for consumers and sellers. Thanks for your time.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Build World?
« on: 20 Sep 2017, 08:53:45 »
if it wasn't themed it just wouldn't be the best as people would need to think of an idea and also it would be harder to judge. Kinda like the saying you can't compare oranges to apples. (if that is even a saying) You probably should've made an individual post for this as it doesn't really involve this topic.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Build World?
« on: 19 Sep 2017, 10:03:32 »
Something already like this called chunk of the month but I don't think many people entered so it got taken away.

it's every month, just vote every day for each month to win

Noobstown General / Re: AFK Fishing: The Legality
« on: 28 Aug 2017, 00:22:05 »
I don't think they are allowed at all.
Quote from the post, server rules
"ii. Cheating
You are not allowed to use any sort of cheat or exploit to gain an advantage over other players. Auto-fishing mods are not allowed. AFK or duplication machines are not allowed. Knowing & using but not reporting exploits to staff members can lead to your account being sanctioned."

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