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I had this issue before, it wanted to use my Microsoft name and password, since Mojang was bought by Microsoft. I dunno if this helps you, but this is what worked for me. I think I also reset the password a few times, which was a thing too.

Towns & Nations / Looking for a town? /town join LunarFalls!
« on: 15 Sep 2020, 00:06:32 »
Lunarfalls is updating nearly daily with new things! The acro islands are almost complete and you can visit them by /visit thebetwixt. Our farms are open- both crops AND trees. Spruce and jungle as well as all the rest of the woods are now complete! Explore LunarFalls and find unlocked chests and fun builds to climb around. If you'd like to join our burgeoning town you can join us! /town join Lunarfalls today!

See you soon!

Competitions & Events / Re: Top of the Month! - May 2020
« on: 5 Jun 2020, 02:21:05 »
AH! I wasn't sure, it's all good! Just was curious because I had so many in the top but didn't make top of the top.

Competitions & Events / Re: Top of the Month! - May 2020
« on: 1 Jun 2020, 19:46:47 »
I didn't make it into the top of the top, but I'm in the top 3 as well as being in the top 10 for many other categories. Is that right? I may not understand how it's exactly calculated then.

News / Re: Moving house!
« on: 27 Jan 2019, 01:06:27 »
I always calm down if you throw chocolate at me. Or cheese. Cheese for sure.

News / Re: Moving house!
« on: 25 Jan 2019, 03:43:28 »
Good luck!! Hope you have a sane move!


There are chests in LunarFalls and in the fishing outpost that will buy cake for a CRAZY amount of money.

New? / Re: Hey all!
« on: 4 Jan 2019, 04:41:25 »
Welcome to Noobstown! Looking forward to seeing you in game! And like HSC said, holler if you need anything!

Towns & Nations / Re: LunarFalls
« on: 3 Jan 2019, 02:55:36 »
We're happy to say that since we started this post, we've finished the farm! AND the tree farm! Now you can enjoy all the perks of dark oak, oak, birch, and acacia!! The farm is large, so you should have no problems being able to use tree feller and get those fantastic woodcutting levels!

Follow the spruce log trail in the ground when you hit /town spawn lunarfalls, pass the windmill on your right, and up under the (eventual) sawmill!

We're looking for more town members to help us build. One of the key things we love seeing in our town is builds and builders! We're exploring an "open plot" concept to be explored further in the LunarFish area, where you can help us build treehouses and holes in the ravine! Contact me if this sounds like fun! You can contact me in game by either sending me a mail with /mail send killjoydivine and your interest, or if I'm on by just sending me a message with /msg kill.

Can't wait to see you in LunarFalls! Where the ground is spotty but we don't have nuclear fallout!

Towns & Nations / Diiiiihhh-ah-monds?!
« on: 3 Jan 2019, 02:47:22 »

Killjoy has left her shiny rocks around again! Betting you could find them for the cheap, if you knew where to look! Score some carbon on the cheap, by checking us out in LunarFalls, and at /t o LunarFalls lunarfish   !

We'd love for you to explore LunarFalls! But be sure to bring cake! I've sprinkled several chests in hidden places for you to find, to be richly rewarded! Be sure to use the shop feature found at

Other helpful commands will be:

/t o lunarfalls LunarFish


/t o lunarfalls 1

And be sure to look around in LunarFalls! You'll be able to get there by typing:

/t s LunarFalls

(Not case sensitive!)

I want that cake!

-Mayors KilljoyDivine & cruisinkiy

Server Announcements / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 26 Dec 2018, 23:11:56 »
Thanks for a great event Larry!!

Towns & Nations / Re: Lunarfalls holiday event
« on: 26 Dec 2018, 23:11:04 »
We're extending the event through til the New Year, to give more folks a chance! So if you haven't entered with a renamed banner, you can still do that!

Noobstown General / Re: Saving your builds
« on: 25 Dec 2018, 03:34:34 »
I don't think that's policy pretty much anywhere, but I'll lock the thread and Larry can unlock it and reply as he can.

Noobstown General / Re: Saving your builds
« on: 25 Dec 2018, 01:36:28 »
The best way to preserve your builds is to support the server by playing on it. :D Noobstown isn't going anywhere! :D

Competitions & Events / Re: Noobmas 2018 - Advent!
« on: 10 Dec 2018, 16:45:18 »
Ah, right, I just had that happen, with the fireworks. It does help to know where in the building they are though. I maintain that it's REALLY not that difficult. If you're playing on Noobstown, and you've done the quest, it's really really not that difficult. I know everyone can't put in hours every day, but I know some of you who are complaining have spent a lot of hours on sometimes, so it's weird to hear how hard this is all of a sudden. :P

Competitions & Events / Re: Noobmas 2018 - Advent!
« on: 8 Dec 2018, 17:15:33 »
Same, I gave up after 15 minutes, just like last year.

Last year you literally had to log into advent, find out what town it was in, and /t s [town]...... if you can't be bothered to do even that much, I don't even know.

You can bunny hop around to go faster. You can also use splash potions once you're in the town, as well as leaping potions, to go faster. Hope that helps!

Competitions & Events / Re: Noobmas 2018 - Advent!
« on: 6 Dec 2018, 17:49:48 »
If you turn sound on, you can listen for the fireworks. I get that some people have lives, but you aren't owed a gift.. It's a remarkably small build, if you consider that you COULD be running around Noobstown main town, looking for gifts THERE. It's literally like 5 main streets. Even my lost self finds it, and pretty quickly.

It helps if you have done the quest, and you get more acquainted with the town. I do have a few tokens from every day since I missed the first day, so I'll list those on the AH if people need them.

I'm finding this pretty fun, and the gifts are cute.

(Apologies if this is a double post, having issues right now.)

Competitions & Events / Re: Noobmas 2018 - Advent!
« on: 1 Dec 2018, 09:56:24 »
You get the item for each day's token, from the day's advent box.

Towns & Nations / Re: Tombstones event center
« on: 9 Aug 2018, 04:53:49 »
Complete aside, I LOVE how your signature at the bottom of your posts promotes Tombstone. That rocks!! Love it!

New things have been added and others changed, so seemed like a good thing to point out, to newer players especially who haven't voted on these things yet. :D

Towns & Nations / Re: LunarFalls
« on: 24 Jul 2018, 13:24:12 »
Started the dig out for the oak, so that should be happening very soon, fingers crossed!

Towns & Nations / Re: Tombstones event center
« on: 24 Jul 2018, 13:23:38 »
Ah sorry! I meant that it sounded like you were working on a parkour, but I meant to say that suddenrose has a great one! I don't do parkour, but I enjoy watching other people jump through them!

Towns & Nations / Re: LunarFalls
« on: 23 Jul 2018, 13:28:02 »
Good news!! After building all night, the dark oak is safe and finished! Work your way past the windmill where there is a frame of a building, you'll find a brick staircase. Down that staircase is a dark oak farm. Just replant! Very efficient. Very public!

Next up will be the lower levels, which I think will likely be acacia, and oak! Later you'll find jungle and spruce in the plots outpost, we'll keep you posted!

I think this is one of those things people might not realize they can vote on! Bumping so that people know they can influence what is worked on!!

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